Pool Covers

There is nothing worse than putting on the old swimsuit and heading out to the pool, only to find that it is covered with a surface layer of algae, leaves, sticks, and other green things that do not belong there. Oftentimes, taking care of this problem will require far more than a simple cleaning. Chlorine levels might have to be adjusted, and in some cases, portions of the pool might have even been compromised.

A lot of these problems can be avoided by the use of a simple pool cover. A cover will not keep everything out of the water, but it will prevent massive buildups. It will also make the regular cleaning of the pool's surface much easier.

Solar Pool Covers
There are several specialty pool covers on the market. Some are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, while others serve a more practical purpose. Solar pool covers can be used to speed up the heating process of the pool. Even on warm days, it often takes several hours for a pool to reach a comfortable temperature. A solar cover will use the sun's rays to their fullest and make things much nicer for a morning dip.

At Midwest Pools, we carry a variety of accessories including an array of covers that can be used for small or large pool designs. We have covers that can be used at night, and others that can help protect the pool during the winter months. We also carry solar blankets and other covers that can affect a pool's temperature.

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