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That initial moment when a person puts one foot into the pool is often accompanied by a severe chill. The person gradually makes his way down the steps into the shallow end, fighting off the cold with each forward movement. Eventually, after bouncing around for a bit, he gets used to the water temperature, and he is ready to enjoy a day of swimming.

A lot of people avoid the descent into a cold pool by simply diving in and taking the hit all at once. Regardless of how a person enters the pool, there is always a time when the water doesn't seem to get any warmer and no amount of swimming, jumping, or shivering can make the temperature bearable. The air is simply too cold, and the water is even colder. The swimming season has come to an end, and there is nothing a person can do but wait for next year to come around.

Types of Pool Heaters
A pool heater can stretch swimming time well into the fall or even the winter. A heater also allows people to start swimming earlier in the year, and it can make late night swims more comfortable no matter what month it is. There are natural gas heaters, solar heaters, and heat pumps available. Prices vary depending on the heat source, but there are affordable models of each.

We at Midwest Pools realize that most people would swim year-round if they could. That is why we carry heaters for all of our pool sizes. Anyone who has a Midwest fiberglass pool can find a Midwest heater that will work for them. In fact, we can heat almost any type of inground pool.

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