Swimming Pool Manufacturers

There are marked differences between the inground fiberglass pools that are produced by different manufacturers. At Midwest Pools, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best fiberglass pool designs available on the market. Our products are far stronger and will last much longer than the average fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass pools generally have a vinyl ester level and a polyester level. In the majority of designs, there is no protective layer placed between these two sections. Our pools, however, utilize a ceramic core that strengthens the entire pool. It also creates a waterproof blockade that guards the pool's finish, greatly extending its lifespan. Midwest fiberglass pools are also equipped to withstand other damaging forces such as freezing temperatures and algae penetration.

Contacting Swimming Pool Manufacturers
A number of manufacturers have taken to doing business over the Internet. While we can be reached online, we encourage anyone interested in buying a fiberglass pool to visit our showroom in Grand Blanc, MI or Utika, MI because purchasing a pool is not something that should be done sight unseen. People in the Midwest who cannot make it out to one of the showrooms can schedule a convenient in-home meeting with one of our reps.

The pools we distribute are stronger, thicker, and more technologically advanced than the pools most manufacturers are producing. We also offer the best surface and structure warranties in the industry. On top of that, our pools can be equipped with unique accessories (such as moonglow lighting) that are simply not available on other models.

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